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It’s about our book, Talk Like a Pirate – Pirate Words, Phrases, History, and Character Tips.

It’s available as a Kindle book and in print, right now!

Here’s how Amazon describes our book:

Arrr! Learn to talk like a real pirate the easy way. This handy guide to pirate talk combines fact, fiction, and lots of fun, with over 450 pirate and nautical terms – plus a Quick-Start Guide – so you’ll be talking like a pirate in minutes.

Our “pirate talk” definitions are loaded with fascinating tips and trivia. You’ll soon know the very worst pirate insults, the proper way to compliment a woman (and a few words never to use), authentic recipes for grog and sangaree, how to mix a mean bimbo, and whether a captain has to go down with his ship. (He doesn’t.)

You’ll sail through pirate history, learning who the buccaneers really were (and why you should thank them every time you enjoy barbecued meat), where the Spanish Main was, why there are many “seven seas,” plus when Julius Caesar was captured by pirates… and how he got even with them.

Finally, you’ll discover ways to craft a pirate character and tips to dress the part.

From weird trivia to fascinating facts, this is an ideal mix of history and vocabulary. Ideal for “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” pirate enthusiasts, students, and anyone who’d like to talk like a pirate for a day… or every day!

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